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Dave McGilton: Blog

Just finished a great chat with Frank Murphy on his show Songs For Ireland.
The show can be found online at Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM. every Saturday from 7 to 9 am (Perth time)-
Broadcast date of our chat is Saturday 20-7-13 and archived shows are available at their site  
thanks for the opportunity to chat about the music Frank-its nice to chat about the history of songs and how they come to be-continued success with your show-

Just a quick note to say the Podcast/ Session myself and my great pal Mary Courtney did with the great Mazz O'Flaherty on New Yrs day is now uploaded on her website -It's on her main page,right hand side, just click on the link and away you go... hearing it today brought back lovely memories of a brilliant afternoon spent with Mazz in her record shop in Dingle.
Mazz had thought we were going to do two separate interviews but time was against us a little and even though Mary and I had planned to do the session together poor Mazz was landed in it when we arrived and announced "shur we'll do it together as the one interview". Being always ready to roll and unflappable as she is, Mazz switched on the mic, kicked off and just let things happen as they happened and songs that hadnt been rehearsed or planned were sung and other stuff went by the wayside and thats how it should be-a live event ,a bit of fun and a few tunes and stories. Hope you enjoy it- We had a lovely [...]
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Posted on February 1, 2012
Well,my great pal Mary Courtney was home from New York for New Year and as we always meet every New Year we decided we'd love to do something new and very special for this New Year's day and so,armed with guitar and bodhran off we went to Dingle town accompanied by Mary's sister Debbie who is a great pal and musician too.We had been invited by the great Mazz O'Flaherty to do a podcast in her shop the Dingle Record Shop and no better day than the first of the year to do it.
Mazz runs a great shop there in Green St. in Dingle and for the last while she has been quietly recording sessions in the shop and putting them up on her website for all to hear-there are some great sessions up there for the listener-The sessions have received hundreds of thousands of hits and it's great to have a chat, play a few tunes and get the word out.Mazz is a gem and so easy to chat to-we had a magic afternoon in her company,sang a few songs ,did a couple of spoken word pieces [...]
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Posted on December 27, 2011
A very Happy Christmas to everyone and here's to 2012 bringing good news-hold on tight -I've a feeling 2011 was just the warm up act  -stay safe and well throughout the year-the darkest hour is just before dawn.
Slan, Dave

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