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HAPPY NEW YEAR - January 2, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope this year sees you staying healthy and happy and that its not as harsh as last year was for most.

BIG NEWS of a great project coming this way from Tasmania - December 7, 2009

Where to start...for a few months now I've been in contact with John Hagan a journalist originally from Ireland but now living in Tasmania.We got chatting following a very interesting article of his in a national sunday newspaper here,(there's a link to the article on the links page)..long story short I had written a song called Sky and Sea which echoed very strongly the subject he was talking about ,namely the plight of those that had been transported to Australia/Van Diemen's land in the 19th century.I sent the song to John and he loved it and suggested it might be sent to a friend of his, Fred Rea in Perth, Western Australia as he is involved/connected with a project being put together in Tasmania.
Little did I know how powerful this project was to be but I had a great conversation with Fred last week. Fred hails originally from Shandon St in Cork and now is very involved with the Irish Community in Western Australia,Perth in particular.There's a link to Fred's site in the links section.
The project Fred is connected with is the singular vision of an amazing conceptual Artist in Hobart Tasmania by the name of Christina Henri.Christina has called the project Roses from the Heart(tm) and it is one of the most inspirational and powerful projects I've heard about in a long long time.Please visit her site for more information but having corresponded with her and chatted into the wee small hours (!) on Skype I'm convinced what Christina is doing is a deeply moving and very spiritual work. It appeals on so many levels and in essence what she is doing is according all of the Convict women of Ireland, the U.K.and Australia the respect and acknowledgement and humanity they were never given as prisoners and Christina is going further than that ,she is having a Bonnet made for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN that was transported in prison ships to Van Diemen's Land.-some 25,566 Bonnets..yep..25,566 Bonnets!! It doesnt get any more powerful and extraordinary in my book,this is a very special and profound gesture. I wrote a new song almost immediately on speaking with Christina as the story was so inspirational and gave the song to the Project as my contribution so far to the amazing work. The song is called Roses from the Heart(tm) as Christina very kindly gave it that title and it will be sung at various Roses from the Heart(tm) events next year .It is such an honour to be associated with this project and I urge anyone reading this to visit the site and see for yourself what is happening and maybe offer some assistance if you can.Christina is coming to Ireland at the end of August 2010 and will be visiting Cobh and Cork City Gaol in Sunday's Well for a blessing of the Bonnets event and to "bring the girls home" as it were. It will be an amazing weekend as the Cork City Gaol are hosting Christina in tandem with launching a book by Australian author Suzanne Voytas about one particular ship of convict women that left Cork in 1828 ,the prison ship Elizabeth. 9 years of painstaking research has gone into the book and the subsequent contacting of descendants of those women and it is hoped some of those families will also be present at the events the same weekend at the City Gaol in Sunday's Well Cork.
More info as I get it but please check out the sites mentioned.I will post an early version of the song shortly,a better recording will be done in the New Year but this will give a flavour of what is involved.
Thanks for reading.

A GREAT DEVELOPMENT - March 18, 2009

I didn't want to jinx anything by mentioning this before now but I've just received confirmation that the song of mine that i'm most proud of writing , "The Sky Belongs To Dreamers" is to be included on John McDermott's (ex irish Tenor) new album to be released later this month.The album is called Journeys and details can be found at
John has done a fantastic version of the song,its very beautiful.
This song was first covered in 2007 and is sung beautifully and to this day by my great friend Mary Courtney in New York and to have it covered now also by John is a huge honour and I'm very excited that it will reach a new audience now as it's my ambition to have the song heard as far and wide as possible as it's a song for peace as well as a tribute to the heroic Fr Mychal Judge and the emergency responders of 9/11.
I'm hugely honoured that the song is getting heard.
More details as we go.


I've spent the last few weeks, as everyone has I'm sure,reading about the banks and the financial institutions being bailed out by the government or should I say by the tax payers and ordinary citizens of Ireland.
It just seems beyond belief to me that we are rewarding incompetence and gross negligence and furthermore underwriting any future mismanagement by guaranteeing bailout funds and getting very little in return for it.
No-one seems to be responsible for the mess we're in or falling on their sword, in fact quite the contrary ,what's happening now in America and no doubt here, is that banks are still rewarding bonuses to their executives but now its from bailout money and the creeps who led us down this road to disaster who,inexplicably, still hold a job, now they're filling their pockets before they "retire "early.
It really is the stuff of "let them eat cake and stuff the public as long as we're alright"...
I watched a friend in a certain glass factory in Waterford on the news last Friday,a highly skilled man turfed out of his job after 30 years and shown the utmost disrespect in the process.
When are we going to wake up and see the wholescale corporate plundering and unjust social structures that exist here?
I've written a song out of sheer frustration and anger about what I feel is going on,it's on the music page in Acoustic demo form,a better version will follow and I know they say never write something in anger but sometimes you just have to voice it LOUD N CLEAR.
Stay safe n well and though its small comfort I hope better times will come to all those being cut off at the knees as a result of the greed that has been allowed to run riot through this country for the last decade...Dave


It was fantastic to watch Barack Obama become the 44th President of America yesterday.It was also such a huge relief to see George Bush and Cheney exit the White House.It will take years to repair what they've visited upon America and the world."By their fruits ye shall know them" and the destruction and removal of trust ,social responsibility and honesty in public service and discourse has been almost total after 8 years of their catastrophic policies of division and discord yet strangely Obama wouldnt have got to where he has so quickly without them making such a mess of their time in office.So there u go George & Dick,you two more than anyone,helped to make yourself and your politics obsolete.
Here's to a new beginning and my hearfelt hope that Obama is REALLY the personification of the change that everyone wants to see.Time will tell.Onwards and upwards !

Happy New Year - January 10, 2009

Hi to all who are passing through...I hope 2009 is good to you and kinder to all the light of how 2008 ended up.Its a rough rough time for many and we're in very uncertain times so let's hope for a year that brings us all closer as family and friends and let's also hope for a year that marks a turnaround in terms of it being, if not the end of, then a huge move away from the "me me me" selfishness that has poisoned society since the early 80's.We're in a bind but we can fix it if wise heads prevail but that being said we can't be waiting around forever for politicians to get their heads out of the ground and out of their behinds.This one's down to all of us.
xox Dave

TOM CREAN ! - September 21, 2008

This is great news for me personally and a great honour.I met with the playright and actor Aidan Dooley earlier in the summer while he was doing a three week sold out run in West Cork of his incredible play "TOM CREAN ANTARCTIC EXPLORER".

Aidan has performed the play all over the world and won awards for it.
I saw it first in the Everyman Palace in Cork in January of 2008 and was hugely impressed by Aidan's writing and performance and his ability to command and hold the attention of everyone in the theatre for the best part of two hours.

The audience hung on every word and it's an incredible story,very well told.

Long story short, I had written a song called Tom Crean in 2007 and when I met Aidan and played it for him in Aug. 2008 he connected very strongly with it and wrote the chorus of the song into the play.

It's an absolute honour to be connected with this incredible play because it is a story that is timeless.It's inspirational in its description of the incredible power and resilience of the human spirit, especially in the case of the various Antarctic expeditions that were undertaken by Tom Crean and his fellow explorers in conditions that were extremely hostile. Life and it's ability to triumph in the face of almost certain death and the importance of friendship,courage and determination feature largely in the work and give the play it's great strength.

My thanks to Aidan for including my work and for his act of faith in my writing.

Please go and see the show if it comes to a theatre anywhere near you,it is a fantastic night's entertainment. You wont regret it.

If anyone is looking for a copy of the song TOM CREAN you can email me here and in 2009 it'll be available more widely along with a few more songs as part of a project that i'm working on.


Louder Than the Drums of War Vol. 1 is the very first project under the banner of an organisation I created in March of this year called Artists for Healing and all of the proceeds from it are going to two charities: Aware and the Red Cross ( Iraq division) For all the info and sound clips etc on that please go to
Also please check out the Aware website should you wish to buy a copy through them.
There will be 3 Cd's in the series of "Louder Than the Drums of War" and Volumes 2 & 3 will follow in 2009.All will contain spoken word and music.I'm very much looking forward to putting Volume 2 and 3 together.
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