I didn't want to jinx anything by mentioning this before now but I've just received confirmation that the song of mine that i'm most proud of writing , "The Sky Belongs To Dreamers" is to be included on John McDermott's (ex irish Tenor) new album to be released later this month.The album is called Journeys and details can be found at www.johnmcdermott.com John has done a fantastic version of the song,its very beautiful. This song was first covered in 2007 and is sung beautifully and to this day by my great friend Mary Courtney in New York and to have it covered now also by John is a huge honour and I'm very excited that it will reach a new audience now as it's my ambition to have the song heard as far and wide as possible as it's a song for peace as well as a tribute to the heroic Fr Mychal Judge and the emergency responders of 9/11. I'm hugely honoured that the song is getting heard. More details as we go. Dave

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