Happy New Year

Hi to all who are passing through...I hope 2009 is good to you and kinder to all esp.in the light of how 2008 ended up.Its a rough rough time for many and we're in very uncertain times so let's hope for a year that brings us all closer as family and friends and let's also hope for a year that marks a turnaround in terms of it being, if not the end of, then a huge move away from the "me me me" selfishness that has poisoned society since the early 80's.We're in a bind but we can fix it if wise heads prevail but that being said we can't be waiting around forever for politicians to get their heads out of the ground and out of their behinds.This one's down to all of us. Here's to 09 ..STAY SAFE AND WELL WHOEVER AND WHEREVER YOU ARE. xox Dave

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