I've spent the last few weeks, as everyone has I'm sure,reading about the banks and the financial institutions being bailed out by the government or should I say by the tax payers and ordinary citizens of Ireland. It just seems beyond belief to me that we are rewarding incompetence and gross negligence and furthermore underwriting any future mismanagement by guaranteeing bailout funds and getting very little in return for it. No-one seems to be responsible for the mess we're in or falling on their sword, in fact quite the contrary ,what's happening now in America and no doubt here, is that banks are still rewarding bonuses to their executives but now its from bailout money and the creeps who led us down this road to disaster who,inexplicably, still hold a job, now they're filling their pockets before they "retire "early. It really is the stuff of "let them eat cake and stuff the public as long as we're alright"... I watched a friend in a certain glass factory in Waterford on the news last Friday,a highly skilled man turfed out of his job after 30 years and shown the utmost disrespect in the process. When are we going to wake up and see the wholescale corporate plundering and unjust social structures that exist here? I've written a song out of sheer frustration and anger about what I feel is going on,it's on the music page in Acoustic demo form,a better version will follow and I know they say never write something in anger but sometimes you just have to voice it LOUD N CLEAR. Stay safe n well and though its small comfort I hope better times will come to all those being cut off at the knees as a result of the greed that has been allowed to run riot through this country for the last decade...Dave

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