This is great news for me personally and a great honour.I met with the playright and actor Aidan Dooley earlier in the summer while he was doing a three week sold out run in West Cork of his incredible play "TOM CREAN ANTARCTIC EXPLORER". Aidan has performed the play all over the world and won awards for it. I saw it first in the Everyman Palace in Cork in January of 2008 and was hugely impressed by Aidan's writing and performance and his ability to command and hold the attention of everyone in the theatre for the best part of two hours. The audience hung on every word and it's an incredible story,very well told. Long story short, I had written a song called Tom Crean in 2007 and when I met Aidan and played it for him in Aug. 2008 he connected very strongly with it and wrote the chorus of the song into the play. It's an absolute honour to be connected with this incredible play because it is a story that is timeless.It's inspirational in its description of the incredible power and resilience of the human spirit, especially in the case of the various Antarctic expeditions that were undertaken by Tom Crean and his fellow explorers in conditions that were extremely hostile. Life and it's ability to triumph in the face of almost certain death and the importance of friendship,courage and determination feature largely in the work and give the play it's great strength. My thanks to Aidan for including my work and for his act of faith in my writing. Please go and see the show if it comes to a theatre anywhere near you,it is a fantastic night's entertainment. You wont regret it. If anyone is looking for a copy of the song TOM CREAN you can email me here and in 2009 it'll be available more widely along with a few more songs as part of a project that i'm working on.

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