Hi my name is Dave McGilton, I'm 61 years old and I've been a full time writer since I decided to make music/writing my number one priority in 1993.

In the years since, I've concentrated on developing the craft of songwriting and writing in general and have focused on being a writer as opposed to performing. I'm happiest working on songs at home then taking the songs to a studio to collaborate with others in order to get the best possible outcome for the song. I've been very fortunate to work with some great people on the recording side of things over the years in this regard, including Donagh Long,Cormac O'Connor,Padraig Parker,Dave Murphy, Noel Barrett and also with Dave Keary up in Limerick at his Red Door Productions Studio. 

Most of my recording in the last 14 years or so has been done here in Cork  with Donncha Moynihan in his studio, The Rise Studio in Bishopstown.  Donncha is a brilliant engineer and musician and has played a huge part in my recording life these past years. 

I've been fortunate to have some of my songs recorded by other artists,my first break coming in 1995 when Irish folk artist Frances Black recorded one of my songs called Falling Leaves.Frances has recorded another of my songs and other songs have been recorded by Daniel O'Donnell and Celtic Tenor John McDermott which led to some songs being released and heard in America and Canada which is hugely positive from a writing point of view as it's always been my intention to have my songs heard as far and wide as possible. 

A great and very dear friend of mine, Mary Courtney in New York, has recorded and performed many of my songs over the years for which I'm forever grateful and her first recording of a song of mine was back in 2007 when she released a song of mine that's very close to my heart, a song called The Sky Belongs To Dreamers. Mary does an incredible version of it and sings it regularly at her gigs in NY which is a huge honour for me.  

I'm fortunate  to have had some gospel songs performed by various choirs over the years such as The Gardiner St Gospel Choir in Dublin who have included a song of mine called Where The Jordan Flows in their repertoire which is an honour.


That's it for now, any other projects current and future will be included in the news/journal section on the site. In closing the bio I guess all I can say really is that writing is my life, it's all I ever wanted to do ,I've been blessed in that its brought me into contact with incredible people from all walks of life here in Ireland and across the world and I'm constantly learning and being challenged and rewarded, in all the ways that count, by the people I meet and by the projects I undertake.I hope that continues for a long long time. My sources of strength in life are my family, music, friends and nature,all give me strength in different ways and I just hope I stay focused on what matters in life and for me it's those four things.

Thanks for visiting and for reading and stay safe and well whoever and wherever you are -Dave