When shall we three meet again !  

Huge thanks to Paddy McCarthy and his publication the Irish Examiner USA for a brilliant mention of my album Drift and for his very kind words on his Out and About page of the newspaper.

I met with Paddy and Michelle O'Mahony last weekend in Cork and had a great chat /meeting. Paddy who hails from Cork but made his life in New York has an amazing background and history and Michelle has many strings to her bow ,among them running her media company. Her website is  www.omhistorycounsultant.ie  .


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The Moon Above the Fields  

Delighted to report that a song of mine called The Moon Above the Fields has been released by a singer who is gaining popularity by the month ,Galway's  Rachel Goode.

Rachel  released the song as her first single from her upcoming album ,to be released this year.Rachel and her band did a fantastic version of the song,recorded live and I couldn't be happier that the song has been so well received and so well sung.Check out Rachel's various versions of the song on YouTube or on any of her multimedia sites.  

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hi all 

hi guys…2024 …the last few years were like a time warp …delighted to be back recording what hopefully will be the new album…have begun to record some tracks and they're sounding really good so fingers crossed there'll be at very least an EP if not full album this year. 

Goodbye to this Troubled Year  

Hi everyone,well ,what a year 2020 turned out to be! It was just one of those huge years where nothing is the same afterwards.I hope you all managed to stay safe and well and continue to do so.We're almost there in terms of beginning to see a way through this nightmare as vaccines are on the horizon and please everyone,please continue to practice safe distancing,wearing a mask etc. 

Lets hope 2021 will bring some semblance of normality back.In terms of my own work the studio has been closed most of the year…

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HELLO  all !!....I'm delighted to announce the arrival of my new album DRIFT. I'm exceptionally proud of this collection of songs and all of the songs have a deep personal connection in that they are written about or inspired by the people and places that mean so much to me in my life. I hope that the songs will resonate strongly with you also.

The album is very uplifting and life affirming and it wouldn't have been possible without the incredible skill and talent of all the players who appear on it.

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Well, its been a while since some new music made its way here....I'm delighted to announce my new song and first release from a forthcoming album. 


..hope you enjoy it...we had a lot of fun recording it and I hope that is evident from listening.

It's available on iTunes,Spotify and all the usual good digital outlets !.....

And the dead arose! 

My sincere apologies for the neglect of the site...a new site will be on the way...

I'm recording a new album at the moment-I'm recording in The Rise Studio with the brilliant Donncha Moynihan at the helm again. We're half way through.

I'm really happy with the new songs, they sound great. I hope you're going to like them. The sessions have been really rewarding and enjoyable.

More as soon as the album is finished...i'll put up a few clips as we record....

take care,



Extracts from Under Any Old Gum Tree 

A new clip from Fred Rea containing extracts of Under Any Old Gum Tree the play about Martin O'Meara-the play is written and directed by Noel O'Neill with Kieran Garvey as Martin. The play looks very compelling.

My song  From Collie's Banks to No-Mans Land is also included with many thanks to Fred-   


New Martin O'Meara YouTube Clip from Fred Rea 

This is a link to a new youtube clip from my pal  Fred Rea in Perth giving some information about the great play "Under Any Old Gum Tree" written about Martin O'Meara VC...I cant wait to see the  play, from this clip it's evident Kieran Garvey is a man to watch and Noel O'Neill has written wonderful dialogue for him.





    <a href="<a href="https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/from-collies-banks-to-no-mans/id754017697?i=754017826&uo=4">https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/from-collies-banks-to-no-mans/id754017697?i=754017826&uo=4" target="itunes_store">From Collie's Banks to No-Man's Land - From Collie's Banks to No-Man's Land - Single</a>


Hi everyone, about a month ago my good friend in Perth, Fred Rea, who writes and produces the monthly magazine The Irish Scene www.irishscene.c

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