Roses from the Heart-Nationwide Documentary coming up -Cobh Heritage Centre Installation update 

Hi to all, apologies for not updating the news more frequently but the biggest news of recent times is that Christina Henri and her Roses from the Heart tribute to the Transported Convict Women are to be featured as part of a documentary currently being put together by the RTE Television show "Nationwide" .The documentary will cover the forced transportation of so many from these shores and will also feature the story of the ill fated Neva which has recently been covered extensively by irish…

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Interview on Radio Fremantle with Frank Murphy -Songs for Ireland-107.9 FM Perth 

Just finished a great chat with Frank Murphy on his show Songs For Ireland.

The show can be found online at Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM. every Saturday from 7 to 9 am (Perth time)-   Broadcast date of our chat is Saturday 20-7-13 and archived shows are available at their site   thanks for the opportunity to chat about the music Frank-its nice to chat about the history of songs and how they come to be-continued success with your show-   Dave

Dingle Podcast now online at 

Just a quick note to say the Podcast/ Session myself and my great pal Mary Courtney did with the great Mazz O'Flaherty on New Yrs day is now uploaded on her website -It's on her main page,right hand side, just click on the link and away you go... hearing it today brought back lovely memories of a brilliant afternoon spent with Mazz in her record shop in Dingle.

Mazz had thought we were going to do two separate interviews but time was against us a little and even though Mary and I…

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Well,my great pal Mary Courtney was home from New York for New Year and as we always meet every New Year we decided we'd love to do something new and very special for this New Year's day and so,armed with guitar and bodhran off we went to Dingle town accompanied by Mary's sister Debbie who is a great pal and musician too.We had been invited by the great Mazz O'Flaherty to do a podcast in her shop the Dingle Record Shop and no better day than the first of the year to do it.

Mazz runs a great shop there in…

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A very Happy Christmas to everyone and here's to 2012 bringing good news-hold on tight -I've a feeling 2011 was just the warm up act  -stay safe and well throughout the year-the darkest hour is just before dawn.

Slan, Dave


I've been following with huge interest the ever growing movement globally that is using the model of Tahrir Square in Cairo to peacefully protest the criminal inequality that exists in this world as a result of a handful of people (the 1 %) greedily exploiting the majority (the "99 %") through extremely dishonest and unethical business practices, particularly in the banking /mortgage areas.This relentless push for short term profit at any cost in major corporations,banks included, whether it be through…

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Master Copy of NEW ALBUM has arrived. 

Just listening now to the mastered CD which arrived yesterday .  I’m more than delighted with it-it sounds just fantastic, great mastering of the CD by Ruairi O’Flaherty.  I’m very excited to have the full and completed album as we began this over a year ago and it’s so fitting that it arrives now as we’ve  just marked a year since my Dad passed on and the album is a tribute to him.

 I’ll be sorting the sleeve this coming week and will include the lyrics to all the songs. The song you’re hearing on…

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UPDATE 4-10-10 

Well,its the 4/10/10 and August has been really really busy.I'll sit down soon and give a proper and full description of the two events that took all of my time during August,namely Aidan Dooley's new play "O'Sullivan Beara-The Last Gaelic Chieftain" and Christina Henri's "Roses from the Heart" Project Both projects were really successful and were an absolute pleasure and honour to be associated and involved with.I'll post some pics of both events and give a more detailed description of what occurred.…

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Earlier this year I had a meeting here in Cork with Aidan Dooley,the writer and actor whose brilliant play Tom Crean Antarctic Explorer has been so well received and celebrated in the past few years.We had first met in Gougane Barra in 2008 and collaborated a little on that play in that the chorus of one of my songs is used in the play.Shortly after that Aidan mentioned he was researching background for a new play on O'Sullivan Beara,one of our long lost heroes in Irish history Aidan confirmed during the…

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Roses From the Heart (TM) -Christina Henri 

Where to start...for a few months now I've been in contact with John Hagan a journalist originally from Ireland but now living in Tasmania.We got chatting following a very interesting article of his in a national sunday newspaper here,(there's a link to the article on the links page)..long story short I had written a song called Sky and Sea which echoed very strongly the subject he was talking about ,namely the plight of those that had been transported to Australia/Van Diemen's land in the 19th century.I…

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