Goodbye to this Troubled Year

Hi everyone,well ,what a year 2020 turned out to be! It was just one of those huge years where nothing is the same afterwards.I hope you all managed to stay safe and well and continue to do so.We're almost there in terms of beginning to see a way through this nightmare as vaccines are on the horizon and please everyone,please continue to practice safe distancing,wearing a mask etc. 

Lets hope 2021 will bring some semblance of normality back.In terms of my own work the studio has been closed most of the year so it's been very frustrating not being able to record but I've just put together an EP of songs which had been more or less finished just prior to March and the beginning of restrictions.


I wanted to release something creative to reflect the year just past and strangely the opening track THIS TROUBLED YEAR is over 20 years old but couldn't be more suited to this year.I had re-recorded an acapella version in 2019 so it was perfect for this release.

One brand new song is SONG FOR LAILA,  a song written for and dedicated  to my beautiful and gorgeous new niece Laila, born to my brother Stevie and his wife Sinead in Barcelona in April at the height of the pandemic.We have still yet to meet her but we will soon hopefully and meanwhile this song is a hello and captures a moment in time which she might look back on when she's older.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone and here's to 2021 being so much better and until we can meet again ,stay safe and well.

Let's say goodbye to this troubled year. 


Dave XoX -14/12/2020

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