Master Copy of NEW ALBUM has arrived.

Just listening now to the mastered CD which arrived yesterday .  I’m more than delighted with it-it sounds just fantastic, great mastering of the CD by Ruairi O’Flaherty.  I’m very excited to have the full and completed album as we began this over a year ago and it’s so fitting that it arrives now as we’ve  just marked a year since my Dad passed on and the album is a tribute to him.

 I’ll be sorting the sleeve this coming week and will include the lyrics to all the songs. The song you’re hearing on arriving to the website is a song called Sky and Sea. It’s on the album, the album is called  “ ALL OUR DAYS” .

This particular song along with another of mine called Roses from the Heart was chosen to be part of an amazing project put together by Tasmanian artist and great friend Christina Henri. You’ll have heard me mention it before on the site. The project is called Roses from the Heart and is a commemoration of/tribute to all of the Irish and English “convict” women transported to Australia over a 60 year period up until 1854 or so. For more see

I’ve put together a little clip for Youtube of the song and it can be seen on the bottom of the opening page as you come to the site.

More on the album as we get the sleeves sorted out.


-Dave 12/3/11 

P.S – the deepest condolences to all those caught up in the nightmare unfolding in Japan. Nature can be so cruel at times-prayers go out to the people of Japan, particularly in the worst hit areas.  

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