Earlier this year I had a meeting here in Cork with Aidan Dooley,the writer and actor whose brilliant play Tom Crean Antarctic Explorer has been so well received and celebrated in the past few years.We had first met in Gougane Barra in 2008 and collaborated a little on that play in that the chorus of one of my songs is used in the play.Shortly after that Aidan mentioned he was researching background for a new play on O'Sullivan Beara,one of our long lost heroes in Irish history. Aidan confirmed during the meeting in January he was going ahead with the new play.It was to be called "O'Sullivan Beara -the Last Gaelic Chieftain" and he asked if I would do the music for it.It was a great honour to be asked and a great challenge to work on the sounds/music for the play. The months have flown by and here we are ,on the eve of it's debut in Theatre by The Lake in Gougane Barra.It has been a very exciting and interesting process,watching and being part of the play as it has developed and equally interesting for me to write/create the music/links to match the moods.I hope I've done the work justice and I'm hugely looking forward to seeing it performed before a live audience.I've seen first hand how much blood sweat and tears go into the writing and rehearsing of a one man show such as this and I've an even greater respect and appreciation for the process now and for Aidan in his undertaking of such a challenge. It's a riveting,powerful and poignant story and Aidan has a very strong piece of theatre in his hands once again.On a personal note its a HUGE pleasure to be part of it. See you in Gougane Barra ! Munster abu.

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