Roses from the Heart-Nationwide Documentary coming up -Cobh Heritage Centre Installation update

Hi to all, apologies for not updating the news more frequently but the biggest news of recent times is that Christina Henri and her Roses from the Heart tribute to the Transported Convict Women are to be featured as part of a documentary currently being put together by the RTE Television show "Nationwide" .The documentary will cover the forced transportation of so many from these shores and will also feature the story of the ill fated Neva which has recently been covered extensively by irish authors/artists Kevin Todd and Cal McCarthy in their book The Wreck of the Neva-Kevin hails from my neck of the woods in Cork so congratulations on the book and the best of luck with it Kevin and I'm looking forward to seeing that section of the documentary.

I met with Christina and the Nationwide team in Cobh recently when filming was taking place and it was great to see Christina and catch up on progress-She was in the hands of the very affable and highly capable Niall Martin, Nationwide's producer and with Reg. on camera it was a very interesting few hours spent in Cobh-keep an eye out for the transmission of that documentary -it will be on in September-i'll post the exact date very soon-

I also met Cobh Heritage Centre's new manager Jack Walsh and he re-confirmed the Centre's intention to have a permanent tribute to the Convict Women in Cobh from later this year which is fantastic news-I was hoping following the departure earlier this year of former manageress Debbie Walsh that the interest would be maintained with the new manager's arrival-gladly this will be the case but may  I take this opportunity to thank Debbie Walsh for her superb support during the last few years whenever I called to chat re "Roses" and her interest in the last few years has played no small part in the project and installation going ahead. So look out for mention of the permanent tribute which I understand will be unveiled sometime around October 2013- 

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