Well,my great pal Mary Courtney was home from New York for New Year and as we always meet every New Year we decided we'd love to do something new and very special for this New Year's day and so,armed with guitar and bodhran off we went to Dingle town accompanied by Mary's sister Debbie who is a great pal and musician too.We had been invited by the great Mazz O'Flaherty to do a podcast in her shop the Dingle Record Shop and no better day than the first of the year to do it.

Mazz runs a great shop there in Green St. in Dingle and for the last while she has been quietly recording sessions in the shop and putting them up on her website for all to hear-there are some great sessions up there for the listener-The sessions have received hundreds of thousands of hits and it's great to have a chat, play a few tunes and get the word out.Mazz is a gem and so easy to chat to-we had a magic afternoon in her company,sang a few songs ,did a couple of spoken word pieces and chatted away.We were saying afterwards what a perfect way to start the New Year,to be performing music ,singing in harmony and having a good chat and plenty of fun thrown in for good measure.Start as you mean to go on!

The session we did will be up there on the site in due course as there's a list of sessions to be edited and put up there before us but keep an eye out for it. In the meantime there are plenty of other sessions you can listen to now -Mazz's site is    

God bless you Mazz,you're a great woman and a true supporter of Irish music-go raibh mile maith agat...Dave 

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