I've been following with huge interest the ever growing movement globally that is using the model of Tahrir Square in Cairo to peacefully protest the criminal inequality that exists in this world as a result of a handful of people (the 1 %) greedily exploiting the majority (the "99 %") through extremely dishonest and unethical business practices, particularly in the banking /mortgage areas.This relentless push for short term profit at any cost in major corporations,banks included, whether it be through outsourcing jobs in order to exploit cheap labour,through deregulation in banking, or through the relentless attempt to privatise everything from health to education has destroyed the world for most of its occupants and has turned everyday life for the majority into a constant struggle to just survive. Well, we didnt come here to just survive,we came here to develop and learn more about ourselves, the world and the universe we live in and we came here to make life a fascinating and hugely enjoyable experience,not a nightmare of unnecessary poverty, made for profit war and the daily struggle to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths.Add to that badly managed health services, unaffordable education and greedy politicians with their noses in the trough.What kind of world is that to pass on to the children coming after us.

People have had enough and a line has been crossed with the bailouts of huge corporations at the expense of ordinary taxpayers.The bailouts that have occurred globally ,but especially here in Ireland are not only immoral and unjust ,they are an imposition of a debt dictatorship where ordinary citizen's rights have been trampled on and their concerns brushed aside.  In the name of God when did we decide as a nation that Banks and Property Developers were more important than the Sovereign State or the people in it-that's just it,we DIDNT decide it...that decision was taken for us, in the middle of the night by a handful of terrified politicians, completely out of their depth, acting in the interests of the 1 % and not the 99%. And those that created the mess expect that we will now trust them to get us out of it? I dont think so.They had their chance.They blew it. They made their choice when they ran to help the 1 % and turned their backs on the 99. Their time is over. We will never be forgiven by future generations if we dont stop these financial predators and their corrupt enabling political servants in every country.

In an Irish context that fateful decision in Dublin in 2008 was totally undemocratic and cannot and should not stand.If these protests and the speed at which they are growing worldwide are any indication, then we are in for a very interesting winter of discontent. The protests will become the biggest public rejection of a deeply corrupt and diseased way of conducting the affairs of nation states and the deeply unethical and obscenely greedy business of profit at all costs will be met head on and defeated.By the 99 %. On behalf of the 99%.



There's something in the air...very interesting times ......:)


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