UPDATE 4-10-10

Well,its the 4/10/10 and August has been really really busy.I'll sit down soon and give a proper and full description of the two events that took all of my time during August,namely Aidan Dooley's new play "O'Sullivan Beara-The Last Gaelic Chieftain" and Christina Henri's "Roses from the Heart" Project. Both projects were really successful and were an absolute pleasure and honour to be associated and involved with.I'll post some pics of both events and give a more detailed description of what occurred. For now,on the heels of the last couple of weeks appalling drip feed of what state the country's finances are truly in I'm posting a small clip of a video I put together with Windows Movie Maker-Movie Maker's a great facility to enable videos to be put together without hassle or expense.My blood boils when I see people who were elected and expected to look after our interests doing everything but and how they've totally lined their own and their cronies' pockets at everyone else's expense. I suspect the reckoning is far from over and the extent of the fallout is yet to be truly established or measured.This has become a matter of justice not merely setting records straight as to who did what.Suffice it to say nothing will ever be the same and trust in politicians and indeed in institutions that were supposed to work towards the benefit of the citizens of this country has been shattered and will remain so for many years to come. Stuff them,we've survived worse and we will survive this too, not because of their help, but because we are an extrtaordinary and resilient people and we dont do surrender,not least to a handful of greedy pathetic creeps whose entire reason for living is to accumulate and to exploit those weaker or poorer.Their time will come. In a sense its year zero. Dave-4/10/10

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